Hundred-man kumite

The hundred-man kumite is the ultimate test of the kyokushin karate. Oyama got the idea from Yamaoka Tesshu, who was a great sword master in Japan in the nineteenth century and completed a 100 man duel in kendo. The tests in Japan have been completed by the following masters:

1965 Steve Arneil (Great Britain)

1965 Tadashi Nakamura (Japan)

1966 Shigeru Oyama (Japan)

1967 Loek Hollander (Holland)

1967 John Jarvis (New-Zealand)

1972 Howard Collins (Wales)

1973 Miyuki Miura (Japan)

1987 Shokei Matsui (Japan)

1989 Kaiji Sampei (Japan)

1994 Akira Masuda (Japan)

1995 Kenji Yamaki (Japan)

1995 Fancisco-Alves Filho (Brazil)

2009 Artur Hovhannisyan (Armenia)