July 27th, 1923, he was born under the name of Yong I-Choi in a village of Wa-Ryongri Yong-chi Myonchul Na Do, not far from Gunsan in Southern Korea. His family, considered aristocrats, belonged to the Yangban-clan. His father, Sun Hyang, was the mayor of Kinje, a town near the village. He was brought up in Manchuria.
1936, entered primary school in Seoul. He learned chinese kempo and in his second year he gained Shodan
1938, he decided to be the Bismark of the Orient. With great aspirations Oyama felt his destiny was in Japan and he left Korea at the age of fifteen. It was at this time in Japan the young Choi changed his name. He adopted the name Oyama from the family that befriended him and took him in, while in Japan.
He entered Yamanshi Airways School in Japan, and became student under Master Gichin Funakoshi of Shotokan Karate.
1940, entered Takushoku University. Gained karate Nidan.
1945, started the Eiwa Karate Do Research Institution in Tokyo, 6 month later it was closed.
1946, taught at the Physical Education Deparment of the Waseda University, visited famous japanish writers to study about the old samurai way, went to the mountain Minobu for training.
1947, became the champion of First All Japan Karate Tournament since the war. He studied Goju-ryu Karate extensively under Master Gogen Yamaguchi.
The year after Oyama married Chiyako Fujimaki, a girl he met two years earlier. Chiyako was a tall, slender woman, whom supposed to have won the beauty competition "Miss Tokyo" in her youth. They soon had their first child-a girl. There was going to be a total of three children, all girls, to Oyama's disappointment, but he have also loved his children sincerely, even though his longed for a son, who could be his heir
1948, decided to devote his life to Karate, did 18 months training alone on Mount Kiyosumi to form his karate-do.
1950, started training against live bulls in a butchery, Chiba. Altogether he fought 47 bulls, 4 killed in instant.
1951, taught karate to the US Army stationed in Japan. Learned judo in Chiba.
1952, visited America for Karate instructions and 32 demonstrations in 11 months. He did and won 7 fights.
1953, visited America again, fought with a bull in Chicago, became popular by breaking its horn by shuto strike.
1954, opened his first dojo in Tokyo.
1955, a promoter invited him to the USA, and also travelled to South America and Europe. Oyama fought numerous mix matches, the whiskey bottle cut was also popular.
1956, travelled through South East Asia studying different fighting styles. The Oyama Dojo was started in a small, old ballet studio. The instructors were K. Mizushima, E. Yasuda, M. Ishibashi, and T. Minamimoto. This dojo was the beginning of the KYOKUSHINKAIKAN.
1957, travelled to Europe, USA and Mexico. In a fight against bull he was injured requiring six months hospitalization.
1958, "What is Karate" was published which became a best seller. The first overseas branch was established in Hawaii by Bobby Lowe. Mas. Oyama was invited by FBI in Washington for karate instructions and demonstrations. Also the West Point Military Academy invited him to teach.
1959, the first Hawaii Tournament. The first Summer Training School in Chiba.
1960, travelled again to USA and Europe.
1961, the San Francisco Dojo was opened. Oyama taught three times a week in the Oyama Dojo. On the first North American Open Tournament Oyama was the Supreme Judge.
1962, went to Europe and USA to study many kinds of fighting and demonstrate karate. Many foreign students came to the Oyama dojo.
1963, travelled to Europe, America and South Africa. Costruction started on the building of the Kyokushinkaikan Honbu in Ikebukuro,Tokyo.
1964, Oyama dojo redeemed the name of the Japanese Karate on a tournament in Thailand. E.Sato became the Kaicho/president of the Kyokushinkaikan and Oyama the Kancho/director. Honbu was officially opened in Tokyo, IKO was established.
1965, first Winter Training Camp at Mount Mitsumine. „This is Karate”, the bible of kyokushin, was published.
1966, Oyama sent K.Kurosaki to teach in Europe. The USA IKO and the South American IKO was founded.
1968, began a long overseas trip covering Hawaii, USA, Britain, Europe and Jordan. Oyama gave private lessons to HIS Majesty the King of Jordan.The European, the Middle East and the South Pacific IKO were founded.
1969, the African and the South East Asia IKO were founded. The first Japan Open Karate Tournament was held in Tokyo.
1971, though a popular comic book series "Karate Baka Ichidai" (the story of Oyama’s life) his name and the Kyokushin became k nown all over Japan.
1972, the Mas Oyama’s Correspondence School was opened.
1973, visited many Branches throughout the world in connection with stageing the World Tournament 2 years later.
1974, Oyama was presented with 9th dan from all the Branches.
1975, the First World Karate Open Tournament was held in Tokyo, Katsuki Sato became world champion.
1976, the First world Tournament movie „The strongest karate” was released and gained great popularity. Oyama travelled to USA.
1978, the 1st European Tournament was held in London. „The Godhand” comic strip started. Oyama went to Hong Kong.
1979, the 2nd World Karate Open Tournament was held in Tokyo, Makoto Nakamura became champion.
1983, Oyama visited Hungary at the first time, the I. IBUSZ-OYAMA CUP.
1984, the 3rd World Karate Open Tournament was held in Tokyo, Makoto Nakamura was champion again.
1985, Oyama attended to II. IBUSZ-OYAMA CUP in Hungary.
1986, came to Hungary, III. IBUSZ-OYAMA CUP.
1987, the 4th World Karate Open Tournament was held in Tokyo, Akiyoshi Matsui became the world champion.
1989, Oyama attended to the 4st European Championship in Budapest.
1991, the 5th World Karate Open Tournament, Kenji Midori was the champion.
1993, Oyama attended to the International Championship in Katowice, Poland.
April 26, 1994. Masutatsu Oyama passed away of lung cancer at the age of 70., leaving the organisation of Kyokushinkaikan in the hands of Akiyoshi Matsui, 5th Dan, successor of Sosai Oyama by testament.